6 days until we get the bus

So after much research and deliberation I’ve started getting organised for our in bus edible garden. I’ve replanted my pineapple sage into a longer, but narrower planter so they’ll be easier to accommodate when I get around to constructing the window boxes. I got a very exciting delivery from Green Harvest of Stevia. Liquorice and Brazilian Spinach seedlings, which are going in the window boxes too, and a pack of different space saving heirloom veggie seeds which I can’t wait to try out. I had limited success in the flat we have now because it is positioned in a really awkward way to grown anything, apart from moss out the back, and sunflowers out the front. Super excited to start constructing a PVC vertical planter in the next week or so too.

Update :

The cat, despite having her own designated cat grass, has decided to savage my stevia and spinach… hopefully I can revive them… Damn cat…

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