Turtle house

Well things have taken a bit of a turn so at the moment we are hanging out in a caravan while we do up the bus. Its a tad chilly but we’re working hard to get it warm enough. Luckily we have some amazing friends who have given up way way too much of their personal space and driveway while we get sorted. Speaking of which if anyone has a nature strip or driveway we can seyt up on for a night please let us know, we are total freeloading hippies but can exchange driveway space for baby sitting, gardening or dog walking. Anyway as always sorry for not keeping everyone as updated as we should. We haven’t given up on the bus, our timeline has just changed.

Thanks to amazing people for continuing to be amazing.

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Low ceilings, high expectations and some thoughts on people who use filler to cover up screws…

Still slow progess on the bus front. But we’ve begun to make a bit of progess on the air vents.
What we’ve learned recently:
1. This is not a bus but a patchwork quilt of wood, tin, nails, rivets, screws, glue and despair…
2. Filler must have been cheap when it was being constructed
3. That heater vent likes where it is… and it is refusing to go anywhere.
4. The air vent’s connected to the roof… and the back wall…
5. That back wall is made of wood.
6. Crowbars are fun
7. Rubber flooring is not fun

Our enthusiasm is waning a little but we’ll get there. I refuse to be defeated by a 12m hunk of steel, fiber glass and ply.
I think Brent feels the same way… and the kids? Well they just want to hang out on the bus no matter what state it’s  in.
We’re done for the night but tomorrow I’ll be back there blindly poking at filler in the hopes of discovering a screw or a rivet somewhere in there.

What lies beneath- our first dose of bus related disillusionment

I am a little dispondent right now so I don’t feel like writing much. But I feeling better than yesterday. It’s nice to be in the bus even if it isnt cooperating. I’m so grateful to everyone for putting us up but I CANNOT BLOODY WAIT to have our own space again. Even if it’s just so I can eat icecream in my underpants…
Anyhoo sorry for that disturbing mental image… here are some annoying bus pictures…. grrrrr

Is this a rusty wall I see before me?
Random hole in floor above wheel arch
Rot... bahhhh rot...

The big move part 3… in which striken by grief for her stevia and licorice plants morgan attempts to grown from seed

Just to clarify I will not personally be growing from seed,  although one could argue that after Henny and Kenny’s wedding last week and ensuing shenanigans we could have supplied enough seed to start a small heirloom nursery. I jumped on green harvest with limited funds and decided to go for quantity of seeds rather than the quality, and relatively fool proof option of established seedlings. Summer is a terrible time for seed starting but hopefully the seeds are as stubborn as I am and together we shall overcome the hot, dry, Howlong summer.
* purple king climbing beans
* stevia
* rainbow silver beet
(Catnip, spinach and licorice are waiting for more favourable conditions)

My foolish optimistic approach to gardening and the loss of my established edible garden aside, the Howlong leg of the move has been a matter of slow adjusted and “trial and error”. My mother in law maintains that she is so happy that her son “has brought his family home”, but I cannot help but feel the ever present grating of two very different family units, albeit from the same wider family, struggling to make space for each other in what is essentially a normal 4 bedroom country/suburban home.
So no… as you have probably gathered by now, we are not on the bus. There is more rot in the floor than we anticipated and the 38 degree plus summer days are not condusive to productivity. But we sre hoping to at least get the floor plywood cut tonight.
For those who are interested in such things we are using 12mm plywood.
(Purchased with gift certificates kindly given to us by Sam, Mel, Lachlan, Jodie and Gary, thanks so much guys!)
Anyhoo that is all for now.
More to come as always

♤♡♢♧ morgan mushroom ♤♡♢♧

Bus update 3 days til we get the bus

You people are amazing! Seriously. Brent and I are overwhelmed by the support and generousity of everyone who has donated to the bus fund.
As of when this post was published we need to thank:
Michelle, Carrie, Tara, Miranda, Jodie, Kat, Pete, Rowan, Leanne and Temeaka for contributing, and a huge thank you to Sam and David for helping us pay off the bus!
We are forever indebted to ALL of you for helping out in anyway you can.
We’ve also managed to secure some affiliates, some of whom are going above and beyond to help. If you are looking to buy games, books, sheet music or giant microbes (yes that is a thing) you might want to check out our affliate page.
Also we tried out our biomass scout stove. More on that in another post.

6 days until we get the bus

So after much research and deliberation I’ve started getting organised for our in bus edible garden. I’ve replanted my pineapple sage into a longer, but narrower planter so they’ll be easier to accommodate when I get around to constructing the window boxes. I got a very exciting delivery from Green Harvest of Stevia. Liquorice and Brazilian Spinach seedlings, which are going in the window boxes too, and a pack of different space saving heirloom veggie seeds which I can’t wait to try out. I had limited success in the flat we have now because it is positioned in a really awkward way to grown anything, apart from moss out the back, and sunflowers out the front. Super excited to start constructing a PVC vertical planter in the next week or so too.

Update :

The cat, despite having her own designated cat grass, has decided to savage my stevia and spinach… hopefully I can revive them… Damn cat…

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