Turtle house

Well things have taken a bit of a turn so at the moment we are hanging out in a caravan while we do up the bus. Its a tad chilly but we’re working hard to get it warm enough. Luckily we have some amazing friends who have given up way way too much of their…

We got the bus!!!!!

More to come! Now to resist the urge to pull out seats RIGHT NOW! ♤♡♢♧ morgan mushroom ♤♡♢♧

Bus update 3 days til we get the bus

You people are amazing! Seriously. Brent and I are overwhelmed by the support and generousity of everyone who has donated to the bus fund. As of when this post was published we need to thank: Michelle, Carrie, Tara, Miranda, Jodie, Kat, Pete, Rowan, Leanne and Temeaka for contributing, and a huge thank you to Sam…

6 days until we get the bus

So after much research and deliberation I’ve started getting organised for our in bus edible garden. I’ve replanted my pineapple sage into a longer, but narrower planter so they’ll be easier to accommodate when I get around to constructing the window boxes. I got a very exciting delivery from Green Harvest of Stevia. Liquorice and…

Bus Update: 15 days until we get the bus

Wait… what?!? Yes you read that right. We are getting the bus a little early so we can get started. And now back to hanging out with my kids in a park because sandwiches and beer with Brenticles and I have no social life. Buy Books So I can buy coffee!