The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

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The place, Henry James’s Turn of the Screw, has secured as one of the key psychological and gothic horror novels is certainly evident, even from a cursory reading. But let me first say one thing about Turn of the Screw;
That shit is creepy as fuck

Nothing much really, or at least concretely, happens of a horrific nature, all of the fear or unease comes from the fallibility of the governess as a narrator. The text invites speculation about the nature of corruption, sanity and innocence, predominently through inference. It is the shifting and vague nature of the novel which makes it a bewildering and worrying tale, even though none of the suspicions the governess has about her two creepy child charges are ever made explicit. Is she going crazy?
Other critiques of the tale have illuded to the sudden ending being an “incomplete” ending. But I would argue that we can derive something of a conclusion, albeit not an all encompassing one, from the introduction of the story by Douglas at the very beginning, who knew her after her time at Bly.
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