1. Grumps are going to grump

2. Caravans are going to move

3. And parents and uncles are going to put up with us because we suck at adulting.

Part One – Community Pages

I love a good community resource, really I do. But I could certainly do without the mob mentality bullshit. A guy that lives near the reserve we were staying at decided to flap his arms about because of longer term campers. A few people got on the bandwagon, then backed off when someone who actually knew one of our neighbours joined the conversation and stood up for her. This guy’s arguements are convoluted and ill-informed (whether deliberately or not). He just doesn’t want campers there. And that is fine, but it’s not his decision.

Our neighbours decided to stay put, I think they are a little more assertive than me though… I decided to run away like a scaredy cat; I don’t want to upset anyone even if they are a pain in the behind. Brent agreed and we started packing down.

Part Two – The Plan ish thing

So we are moving on. The kids woefully said goodbye to our neighbours. They are going to miss having other kids around.

We had been there for too long and amassed too much shit that we are going to have to find room for or cull. I’m trying. I really am… I might have to try a bit harder… and work a bit quicker. The folk festival is coming up and we are going to need our winter stuff for that…

Part Three – Adulting like a Toddler

So I called my parents…. like a little kid. So we are out the back at their place until we work out what to do next…

Ho hum… what do we do next?

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