1. Grumps are going to grump

2. Caravans are going to move

3. And parents and uncles are going to put up with us because we suck at adulting.

Part One – Community Pages

I love a good community resource, really I do. But I could certainly do without the mob mentality bullshit. A guy that lives near the reserve we were staying at decided to flap his arms about because of longer term campers. A few people got on the bandwagon, then backed off when someone who actually knew one of our neighbours joined the conversation and stood up for her. This guy’s arguements are convoluted and ill-informed (whether deliberately or not). He just doesn’t want campers there. And that is fine, but it’s not his decision.

Our neighbours decided to stay put, I think they are a little more assertive than me though… I decided to run away like a scaredy cat; I don’t want to upset anyone even if they are a pain in the behind. Brent agreed and we started packing down.

Part Two – The Plan ish thing

So we are moving on. The kids woefully said goodbye to our neighbours. They are going to miss having other kids around.

We had been there for too long and amassed too much shit that we are going to have to find room for or cull. I’m trying. I really am… I might have to try a bit harder… and work a bit quicker. The folk festival is coming up and we are going to need our winter stuff for that…

Part Three – Adulting like a Toddler

So I called my parents…. like a little kid. So we are out the back at their place until we work out what to do next…

Ho hum… what do we do next?

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Wash out

I do believe Summer may have lulled us into complacency. I hate being hot and sweaty but I had kind of resigned myself that it was now my lot in life to slowly roast to death in the gradual onset of a massive climate change. But that is still not quite how seasons work and the first big storm of Autumn certainly made an impact. Our little turtle house held up pretty well but our neighbour’s canvas tent, a magnificent gorgeous thing in more friendly conditions, was completely washed out to the extent that they made a midnight evacuation to less porous accomadation. 

The claps of thunder brought a sheepish 9 year old to the foot of our bed and he sat with his step dad, watching the radar and checking on the fire started by a nearby lightening strike on the emergency services app.

By the morning we were pretty much the only loiterers left, besides a sad, slumped canvas tent and the less wet patches signifying where the caravans had been.

Then like a cliché in a hastily written blog post the ducks arrived.

Tonight I will attempt to battle with my eternal nemesis; the wet weather campfire.

Wish me luck…

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At the community conversation for renewable energy albury wodonga to get some ideas and hear some amazing speakers.


Sorry about  the dodgy photo but a proper write up is on its way

♤♡♢♧ morgan mushroom ♤♡♢♧

7 days until we get the bus

Sorry about the lack of updates I’ve been working on crochet buses for our Kickstarter campaign which goes live next week.

We’ve got a pretty solid idea of how we’ll be setting up our solar power and a pretty excellent quote from Anything Solar in Wodonga, so that has put my mind at rest a bit. Setting all that up is still a long way off but at least we have a plan.11825941_10153288633872875_4187744295963271937_n

Anyone want some couches? It’s Albury Pick up and they have been well loved and use but are still in reasonable condition.

We have 2 lounge chairs in one set and 1 couch and 2 lounge chairs in the other. This is the couch —->

Obviously not the best photo but there will be more later. morgan.pinder@gmail.com

camp_cover Brent’s Cool camper van book came in from the Book Depository. It’s full of some awesome pictures, not particularly applicable to what we are doing but great for inspiration.

In case I haven’t mentioned:
Buy Books So I can buy coffee!

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