Limetown – Creepy Podcast is Creepy

You have to love a podcast that has a character called Lenore who talks like a 1950s fem fatale. But aside from the noir detour in the most recent episode, this is a welcome addition to the horror/scifi/docudrama podcast genre, a la TANIS, the Message and The Black tapes.
And yes there is much that is comparable with The Black Tapes, but aside from the assertive, vulnerable and determined young female detective journalist as the protagonist, it doesn’t mantain its potentially derivative set up. Limetown follows a more Radio drama line of narrative, this is not a criticism, just an observation.
Its certainly worth a listen, and it has enough creepy moments to keep you looking over your shoulder.
I love what  podcasts are doing with the docudrama genre, there is a tremendous scope for creativity within the parameters of the fictional interpretation of the genre, and Limetown is a good example of what can be done using familiar parts to create an original and suspenseful narrative.

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