The Mystery Show

First things first, this shit is adorable. I’m a died in the wool  fan of grim mystery fiction. Super grim, like alcoholic detectives, corruption, murder scene descriptions, really messed up perpetrators, you know the usually stock of crime fiction and non fiction. But this podcast drew me in. It’s just a wall to wall love fest. Nancy drew meets karmic realignment . Every one touched my the girlish, delightful, intelligent and curious narrator, Starlee’s investigation seems to come away enriched somehow.
Her first case is a disappearing video store and I won’t give anything away but the conclusion is satisfyingly gorgeous. Listen to this podcast… it’ll make a refreshing change from the harrowing Black Tapes, Serial, Undisclosed, Tanis, Someone Knows Something, Lore…
I’ll  try to review these more typically Morgan podcasts soon.

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