NEW URBAN GHOSTS ARTICLE : Nazi Architecture: 10 Unsettling Relics of the Third Reich

While the emotional and cultural toll that Hitler’s Third Reich took on Europe and indeed the entire globe is still being felt today, this is not the only legacy left by Nazi Germany. The architecture and building projects undertaken during Hitler’s time as Fuhrer was nothing short of staggering [Click here for pictures or to read more]


New Urban Ghosts Article : Creepy Abandoned Museums

They enthrall young and old alike with their exhibits, oddities and eccentricities. But what happens to museums when people stop coming? Many fall victim to budget cuts, population changes or simply get left behind. Tracking down abandoned museums can be a little tricky but once you do, you’ll find a treasure trove of amazing and bizarre artifacts left to the mercy of time [Click to read more].

Grand Rapids Public museum remains

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