Future Retro with Jazzpunk

This is my second play through of the surreal and head ache inducing Jazzpunk. Right from the outset this game was charming and hilarious. I wonder if that charm will hold true for the second play through to uncover those precious, precious side games.

Chapter 1 Darlington Station:
The scene is set in a dingy dusky disused railway station… but wait, what’s this? Offices are now in the train carraiges. What a to-do!
Ewww I didn’t see the chewing gum under the directors desk last time… and now my Polyblank is chewing on it….

Chapter 2 Outside the Soviet Console:
God this music shits me…. I didn’t realize that homeless guy was the president! Come back Mr President… I have so many questions to ask you.
I just got showered with confetti for being the 1032nd player to inspect some garbage. Man. This game is odd.

Yeah nah… I’m not doing this all over again. I mean I like the game a lot but some of it is incredibly tedious.

☆☆☆ out of 5 stars
Definitely worth a play.

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