Capitalism without the handicap: Vertiginous Golf

I was all set to hate this game. From the wanky hipster style to the less than favourable reviews I had read.

But I loved it… Beautiful, confusing, frustrating, creative, surprisingly story based, and on a certain level quite hopelessly ¬†pointless. I don’t like golf games as a rule but this charmed me, and I love the idea of the mini golf game being a tool of a marxist revolution. It is, in it’s own clunky steampunk way, adorable and almost poignant.

3 and a half stars… maybe 4… Plenty of replay value. In fact I may play a few rounds now.

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Coping (or pretending) to cope with polite rejection…

Whilst I realise that a rejection with a request for more writing is better than simply being ignored, I’m still feeling that stinging sensation that comes with knowing nobody want what you are selling,,, nobody is picking up what you are putting down… no one finds your ideas intriguing and wishes to subscribe to your news letter… Shall I continue…

No.. no you are right best leave that be. Here are 5 ways I am attempting to cope with an almost across the board auto-reply-zoning of my submitted work at the moment:

  1. Liquorice; I didn’t get to the size I am without some serious and pointless junk food binging. Liquorice is my indulgence of choice this time around.
  2. Getting snippy with acquaintances; Nothing puts things in perspective, and fills me with regret like inadvertently burning bridges with people you just met or barely know for reasons that are wholly unrelated to anything they are even slightly connected with. Rampaging Morgan turns into angry she-hulk at the slightest provocation.
  3. Making lists; This is not a good example of my list related neurosis. The lists I am talking about are definitely private, embarrassing, and one of the few ways I am able to convince myself that I am in control of my life… to any extent… at all.. ever… (you can tell this isn’t one of those because there are; a. no times jotted down and crossed out along the margins and b. no tiny arbitrary jobs that I can tick off without trying to make myself feel better)
  4. Crochet; Or any yarn related hobby. It gives the illusion of productivity without having to face the reality of the situation.
  5. Making excuses to play games; Oh I’m just going to play this game for 5 minutes then I’ll get to work…. look I even set a timer… *snooze*…. *snooze* actually I should keep playing this because I can review to for the blog….. Well I’ve finished that now… hmmm it was released a while ago maybe I should look for a more recent release to review…. and so on….

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Westerado… part 1

Westerado is an Adult Swim game that I nabbed on sale … so I thought I better play it as I’m procrastinating on everything else.

First 15 minutes
Soooo. I chased a buffalo that had escsped from the family farm, rode it back and arrived home to find COMPLETE CARNAGE. I have to I was falling asleep a little during the western style credits but now I’m totally awake. Hmmm… not all that impressed so far but it does seem as though this is a game that has the potential to change very rapidly….

16 minutes in
and you can walk over your mother’s bloodied dead corpse… okay there is something seriously unsettling about that. AND WHY DOES NOBODY HAVE NAMES IN THIS GAME. Gah…. I just got called “nephew” by “uncle”.

First hour
I have died ALL THE TIMES…
may be I should give up and try again tomorrow …
If I remember

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The beginner’s guide

So rather than get my anthropology essay done I find myself turning on the computer and opening steam instead of Word.
I had a bit of a play of Beginner’s Guide last night but after the Stanley Parable my mind was in tatters and I needed to get some sleep. So far my ritual viewing of Good Game Pocket has given away at least the early stages of the game…
Damn you Nichboy!!
Possible spoilers below
1 hour in
Okay so koder (coda? Coder? Koda?) Seems to be reminiscent of just about every introverted creative person I have ever met…. or at least how an extroverted person might act if they wanted to be perceived as an introverted creative genius.
If no one was supposed to see the games then how did the narrator see them? Why go to developer meets and share your ideas if they aren’t intended for anyone else. Maybe there is some level I’m not appreciating this on, but if I knew Coda I think he would just irritate me. I am, however enjoying the game so far.
1 1/2 hours in
All the feels… Davey needs to back the hell up… Dude he’s just not that into you. And it’s spelled Coda….
Final Thoughts
I certainly didn’t expect to sympathize with Coda so much. But of course the over arching theme in that an interpretation of art only begins with its creator and once you turn the art loose onto the public it ceases to be your vision and starts to say more about the player than its creator. It’s also quite interesting that Davey has cast himself as the villain of the piece.
ANY HOO I enjoyed it, but not as much as I would have if I didn’t enjoy closure so damn much
4 out of 5 stars
Tomorrow I might get around to Bertram Fiddle… or you know… that anthropology essay (due 51 hours and 23 minutes from now)

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