Topic 5: Writing the Report (Zeitgeist Genres 4)

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Bringing them Home. Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families. April 1997.

The heartbreaking “Bringing them home” report introduction powerfully states the case to be answered by the Australian government in emotive but not overstated language. Rather than overstating the need for the inquiry the introduction include direct submissions from individuals in order to demonstrate the true, and very personal impact of the actions taken. The seriousness of the findings means that the words must be factual, but because of the enormity and scale of the injustices and cruelty that occurred simply invoking the humanity and vulnerability of the victims is enough to make this an incredibly powerful text.

Morgan can’t Draw Chairs: But these people can; David Hockney. Visual Arts Research- Introduction to drawing VAR11Ex1

David Hockney

I chose David Hockney as one of my studied artists as a contrast to the work of Safet Zec, among other reasons. Hockney’s use of line is much more minimalist and stripped back than Zec’s, using the simplest possible configuration of lines to create the scene or object that he is trying to depict. I also chose Hockney because chairs, although they are usually occupied feature in much of his work, and whilst most of his prominent work with chairs as the central focus is done in lithograph I have chosen a couple of examples of portraits in which the depiction of chairs demonstrates his overall approach to drawing chairs.

Article about David Hockney:
Yorkshire Spring Drawings – David Hockney 14/apr/18/david-hockney-yorkshire-spring- drawings

Peter,Hotel Regina, Venice Drawing, 1970, 17 x 14 inches
Peter,Hotel Regina, Venice Drawing, 1970, 17 x 14 inches
"Portrait of the Artist's Mother, Mrs Laura Hockney, Bradford" Pen and ink on paper, 1972.
“Portrait of the Artist’s Mother, Mrs Laura Hockney, Bradford” Pen and ink on paper, 1972.

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