Pokeball Poi

So someone with more time and patience could follow a pattern and do this beautifully…

I, however, have opted to do my usual jazz crochet, improvised… but without the skill of an accomplished jazz musician.

More like a guy who has never seen a saxaphone before trying to play it my hitting in with a cymbal.

That sort of Jazz crochet. 

Do you follow?

7 days until we get the bus

Sorry about the lack of updates I’ve been working on crochet buses for our Kickstarter campaign which goes live next week.

We’ve got a pretty solid idea of how we’ll be setting up our solar power and a pretty excellent quote from Anything Solar in Wodonga, so that has put my mind at rest a bit. Setting all that up is still a long way off but at least we have a plan.11825941_10153288633872875_4187744295963271937_n

Anyone want some couches? It’s Albury Pick up and they have been well loved and use but are still in reasonable condition.

We have 2 lounge chairs in one set and 1 couch and 2 lounge chairs in the other. This is the couch —->

Obviously not the best photo but there will be more later. morgan.pinder@gmail.com

camp_cover┬áBrent’s Cool camper van book came in from the Book Depository. It’s full of some awesome pictures, not particularly applicable to what we are doing but great for inspiration.

In case I haven’t mentioned:
Buy Books So I can buy coffee!

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