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More photos from the day that will live in infamy as busy

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Before we start ~~ Bus Gallery~~

Bus cuisine

It may not be the most lavish of meals, or healthiest, but we wanted to give the biomass stove an outing before things got too hectic bus-wise.

Stove: Scout from Silverfire

Pot: Also from Silverfire

Fuel: Leaves and twig

Food: Cocktail Franks (there were more, the kids dived on them)

How did it go? Well once I worked out that I had part of it upside down it was pretty impressive. Not sure how long it took to bring the pot to the boil due to the false start, but it wasn’t long. It cooled very quickly too.

Might try making my on it in the morning provided it’s not a total fire ban tomorrow.

7 days until we get the bus

Sorry about the lack of updates I’ve been working on crochet buses for our Kickstarter campaign which goes live next week.

We’ve got a pretty solid idea of how we’ll be setting up our solar power and a pretty excellent quote from Anything Solar in Wodonga, so that has put my mind at rest a bit. Setting all that up is still a long way off but at least we have a plan.11825941_10153288633872875_4187744295963271937_n

Anyone want some couches? It’s Albury Pick up and they have been well loved and use but are still in reasonable condition.

We have 2 lounge chairs in one set and 1 couch and 2 lounge chairs in the other. This is the couch —->

Obviously not the best photo but there will be more later.

camp_cover¬†Brent’s Cool camper van book came in from the Book Depository. It’s full of some awesome pictures, not particularly applicable to what we are doing but great for inspiration.

In case I haven’t mentioned:
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The bus countdown continues 37 days until busness

Did you know…

Finding out about exactly what the different component of your bus are made from is much harder than I thought. I mean we can check it all out and work out what we are doing and adapt our approach once we have the bus… but I’m just trying to get a head start. I can find out exactly how many Mercedes Benz OH1418s were made and which companies bought how many… but nothing useful.
Hopefully there wont be too many nasty surprises on the horizon.

Stuff we are swapping and selling is here:

Follow Morgan’s board stuff to swap on Pinterest.


Update: 38ish days til bus

Hmph so unexpected napping has set back my sorting productivity massively today. But we paid the first deposit on the bus!!!


We own 1/3 of a bus!
I’m still aiming to get all the photos of the stuff for swaps up tonight but it won’t be until later.

Questions for today:
Does anyone know of any local (to albury wodonga) free campsites apart from Richardson’s bend, Doolans Bend and the other murray river reserve campsites?
Also has anyone been through the VASS certification process with a motorhome?
Post a comment or send me a message.

Update: 39ish days until bus time

There are signatures on things… Its all starting to feel pretty real. I moved the first couple of boxes out to Howlong today, paid the last gas bill at the flat and cancelled my spotify subscription… so many things to cancel…
I am dreading the day I have to cancel my Audible subscription, I NEED my audio books.

Swapping and selling all the things
I have found another box of corsets, dresses and shoes. Seriously… this goes on and on.
Anyone who wants a cheap corset hit me up. I am happy to accept $20 each or bus conversion supplies.
I am not joking… if you have
* insulation batts
* large paint brushes
* camping chairs
* mod podge
* polyurethane sealant
* pairs of hinges over 50mm long
* unused sandpaper
* plywood
* a lockable dog door
* car or bus seats with attached seatbelts
… floating about your house and you want:
* Large/medium/small garden pots
* desks
* corsets
* heels
* wardobes
* carbinets
* out door seats
* bookcases
* glassware
Send me a message because we need to sell or swap ALL THE THINGS
Pictures of all the things to come in a later post.
Albury/Wodonga area.


Bus intro

We’re going off grid. Its time for us to be the smelly unreliable nomadic hippies you always suspected we were.
The tentative plan:
1. We get the bus in december so we can start stripping chairs out.
2. We will be staying with some super supportive and generous friends and family while we fit out the bus to live in and get solar power and water tanks sorted out.
3. Then we head off. We’ll be staying locally during the week then adventuring on the weekend… but that’s still a long way off.
despite the vagueness of this plan we have been planning and researching this for a long time but the finer details will be tried and tested when we start encountering problems or new solutions.
Understandably our plan has been met with skepticism and criticism. And while we understand that it is both an ambitious plan and definitely not for everybody we are keen to try our best to make our pipe dream a reality.

Reasons we are doing it:
* To consume less
* To give the kids a massive backyard
* To become more self sufficient
* To spend more time with the kids
* to spend more time with friends and family
* To break away from our technology reliance
* To see more, do more and live simply.

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