Merry Everyone

It’s been a long arse year. A year full of setbacks, epiphanies and learning. We aren’t on the bus yet, and that is disheartening but we have the turtle house, we have each other and we have the support of all of you who have been supportive, understanding and just generally wonderful.

I know a lot of people I love have had a rough year, and it’s been tough for a lot of really wonderful people. I’m constantly inspired by you all making the best of what you’ve got. 

Here’s to 2017. Even if it doesn’t get easier we all have to remember, we’ve got this. 

When your kid is a better blogger than you…

I don’t know if you noticed but my son posted a “Frog Blog” breaking the months long silence. So I thought I better get on here… unfortunately my post will not be anywhere near as adorable or frog heavy, but indulge me if you will.

Quick And Tedious Update Section

Or QATUS… no, not QATUS, that’s uncalled for

Our roof struts broke

In case you didn’t hear there was a supermoon. We were out at Ludlows reserve and had an impressive view.

My son got too cool for us all

Spiders invaded… nice but unnerving huntsmans

Brent fixed the struts

We got a little better at this caravan Schnitzel

I made a new friend

There were frogs

We painted a Christmas tree on the side of the caravan.

So yeah… that’s about it. Well there is more… but my memory is shocking…

Couple of things


Hopefully we can get out of the caravan and into the bus soon but we are learning heaps from orbiting the area in our little caravan.

***Summer is going to be WRETCHED but we ARE working on it***

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