Wash out

I do believe Summer may have lulled us into complacency. I hate being hot and sweaty but I had kind of resigned myself that it was now my lot in life to slowly roast to death in the gradual onset of a massive climate change. But that is still not quite how seasons work and the first big storm of Autumn certainly made an impact. Our little turtle house held up pretty well but our neighbour’s canvas tent, a magnificent gorgeous thing in more friendly conditions, was completely washed out to the extent that they made a midnight evacuation to less porous accomadation. 

The claps of thunder brought a sheepish 9 year old to the foot of our bed and he sat with his step dad, watching the radar and checking on the fire started by a nearby lightening strike on the emergency services app.

By the morning we were pretty much the only loiterers left, besides a sad, slumped canvas tent and the less wet patches signifying where the caravans had been.

Then like a cliché in a hastily written blog post the ducks arrived.

Tonight I will attempt to battle with my eternal nemesis; the wet weather campfire.

Wish me luck…

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 How to cook a delicious camp dinner in rainy weather

Step 1. Collect a good supply of timber

Step 2. Totally forget to keep your timber supply dry

Step 3. Convince yourself that if you buy dry kindling you’ll be okay

Step 4. Optimistically buy elaborate dinner ingredients and kindling

Step 5. Try to light fire, realise your long fire lighter has been left out in the rain

Step 6. Frantically scramble around caravan to find your tiny Bic lighter

Step 7. Try to light fire using paper and kindling, burn your finger then watch fire slowly go out

Step 8. Watch as your partner tries to light fire using an aerosol can. Yell at him

Step 9. Go look for more paper. Hear the aerosol can go again. Yell some more.

Step 10. Repeat step 7 over and over again for what seems like an eternity, while in constant drizzling rain.

Step 11. Yell at the kids to get in the ca r

Step 12. Go get pizza

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When your kid is a better blogger than you…

I don’t know if you noticed but my son posted a “Frog Blog” breaking the months long silence. So I thought I better get on here… unfortunately my post will not be anywhere near as adorable or frog heavy, but indulge me if you will.

Quick And Tedious Update Section

Or QATUS… no, not QATUS, that’s uncalled for

Our roof struts broke

In case you didn’t hear there was a supermoon. We were out at Ludlows reserve and had an impressive view.

My son got too cool for us all

Spiders invaded… nice but unnerving huntsmans

Brent fixed the struts

We got a little better at this caravan Schnitzel

I made a new friend

There were frogs

We painted a Christmas tree on the side of the caravan.

So yeah… that’s about it. Well there is more… but my memory is shocking…

Couple of things


Hopefully we can get out of the caravan and into the bus soon but we are learning heaps from orbiting the area in our little caravan.

***Summer is going to be WRETCHED but we ARE working on it***

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