ShitTown Chapter 3 mislabelled 1 dammit

So my podcast app messed up the labelling of this podcast…. and I ended up with episode 3 labelled as episode one…shit.

I pity the podcast that gets released today, surely the latest project from Serial and This American Life is one tough act to follow. S-Town is the euphamistic listing name for ShitTown, a new podcast narrated by Brian Reed in which he explores the unfolding drama in small town Alabama.

I WILL be binging this series, but I will not be posting all of my review articles today. I’m going through the episodes carefully, 1 at a time, and I WON’T be conducting external research yet, but I don’t rule that out in the future.

Spoilers to follow. You have been warned

“John B McLemore lives in Shittown Alabama”, he is a clockmaker and he is not a joyful man. He is extrodinarily clever, meticulous, intriguing and fatalistic. He has a fine sense of injustice and the world slowly turning to shit. He has a mother he cares for, friends who love him but he is deeply depressed a lonely in a way that people who feel the full weight of the problems of the world can relate to. He sometimes upsets people with his grim world view. Particularly his employee and close friend Tyler. Tyler maintains John’s house and helps out with his mum and is an unexpected saving grace for the middle aged, “celebate homosexual” as he termed himself. Tyler rides a motorbike, is covered in tattoos and has an unmistakable southern drawl. John is dependent on Tyler, John is a surrogate father figure for Tyler, Tyler  has a bed and clothes at John’s place, Tyler’s wife implores him not to go running everytime John calls in a suicidal funk.

So when John drinks cyanide one evening with seemingly no preparations made to deal with his estate or look after his mother confusion and chaos ensues. Including surprise appearances from suspiciously unconcerned distant relatives.

See John didn’t trust banks, he told his lawyer that he had a plan for his assets. A plan that seems to include gold…

Right out of the gate ShitTown is riviting and bewitching. John is relatable and endearing, and the chaos he left in his wake seems to be completely in advertant at this stage.

There are also hinted at connections to deeper mysteries that John was interested in which I hope will be a thread that gets picked back up.

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McElroy Brothers for Trolls 2

Travis, Justin and Griffin McElroy, the brothers who not only host a small podcast empire but have also starred in their very own Seeso show have, like Luxemburg putting in for the Olympics, made their bid to be in Trolls 2. 

Whilst I personally like their odds as the whole narrative of their quest and eventual success would be great for promoting the movie to be released in 2020, I am also, quite possibly, the furthest from a Hollywood insider as it is possible to get. And the boys themselves alternate between self assured positivity an hopelessness. 

Do you think this is a joke?

Look at me right now… you think this is funny. 

The brothers are not fucking around…. They WILL be in Trolls 2 in 2020 and there is nothing even slightly humorous about it.

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Alice isn’t Dead… for now.. *potential spoilers*

The new series of the eerie Night Vale Presents podcast Alice isn’t Dead is on it’s way. If you haven’t listened to series one yet… well do that, it’s not that long and this article is going to totally fail to do it justice, this is a brief recap and fan worship only and not a comprehensive guide.

I love Alice Isn’t Dead, it took me a while to get through it because I’m a scaredy pants, but it is a beautifully creepy, amazingly unsettling road trip through dystopian America. 

Season 1 Recap
Our narrator takes a job with a mysterious shipping company, Bay and Creek, in the hopes that somehow, somewhere she will be able to track down her wife Alice who appears to have faked her own death and dissapeared, for reasons unknown. As the narrator treks across the country she attempts to deal with the betrayal by sending a one way communication of her thoughts and journey out via her 2 way radio. But her travels take a disturbing turn when she encounters the wretched zombie-like Thistlemen, a population of otherworldly serial killers. There is also the ominous threat of something much more sinister going on, something that makes it impossible for Alice to return even after the Thistlemen are apparently defeated. 

Season 2

Which brings us to the series of teasers for the second seasons and the chilling voice at the end of the season 1. After hours of listening to the monologue of the narrator suddenly a new voice, a female voice, a threatening voice lets the audience know that the perilous journey is nowhere near over yet. There is speculation on reddit about the voice so I won’t get into it here but if you are curious have a looksie. In the 2 teasers that have been released the narrator is back on the road, going through more sinister, forgotten towns, this time with potentially cultish occult overtones, but we’ll see.

Season 2 is set to be released on the 4th of April so Australian listeners should be able to download the first episode in their podcast app on the 5th. Episodes will be released fortnightly.

Links to more info

Alice Isn’t Dead

Starring: Jasika Nicole

Music by: Disperition 

Written by: Joseph Fink

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Rabbits… A Podcast

I’ve been listening to Pacific Northwest Stories The Black Tapes since the beginning of it’s run, and I reluctantly dipped my toe in the TANIS mystery, which promptly swept me up in a slightly obsessive haze of vague ideas about ancient environmental phenomena. And now they’ve released a new series, this time under the production name of the Public Radio Alliance.

So why the switch? If you know send me a message…

Black Tapes deals with ghosts and demons, TANIS deals with mythology and folklore, and now Rabbits takes on Augmented Reality Games (ARG), exploring what happens if you raise the stakes and take the ARG to a whole new level.

Carly’s friend Yumiko has dissapeared and the last time she saw her she seemed to be getting drawn into an ARG known simply as “9” or “Rabbits”. The game is cloaked in secrecy but what is clear is that the game is elaborate and has very high stakes. 

The second episode dropped last week and episode 3 is set to come out around the 28th of March. I’m enjoying it so far, it’s a bit slow going initially,but the mystery starts to deepen within the first episode. The series definitly follows in the footsteps of it’s big sisters Tanis and The Black Tapes, with a similar soundscape and narrative style. There have even been a few nods to the other podcasts that avid followers might get a giggle or smile out of.

Never listened to a podcast?

This month is #trypod month in which those of us who are obsessed with podcast attempt to bring you to the dark side and get you to try a pod cast you might really love.

So why not try Rabbits?

One way to download a podcast is to download a podcast app from your app store, I use Podcast Republic, but Stitcher and Podcast Addict are also highly regarded. Then search in the app for “Rabbits”.

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Call out to clever cloggs

Got an idea you want to chat about?

Obsessed with something niche?

Are people tired of hearing about it?

Do they get that glazed over look in their eyes?

Do they sigh loudly when you mention it?

Do they cross the street when they see you coming?

Do they start screaming when you open your mouth?

Don’t stress we’ve got your back!

Starting this May our podcast gives a voice to the obsessed, the fanatical and the heartbreakingly earnest. We want to hear what you’ve got to say and if you can say it in 2 minutes we can give you the proverbial floor to convince us all that we should care about your thing.

What we need from you:

  • A 2 minute “pitch” for your idea, cause or obsession explaining why we should care about it too. ¬†You can mention a specific project if you like ¬†before your 2 minutes but it isn’t an ad so we can’t really take pitches that are just promotional.
  • 10 minutes of your time
  • A photo of you and/or the thing you care about


If you are a performer you can share a song, poem, play or short story.

So if I can’t promote my stuff what can I talk about?

Well you can expand it to talk more generally. For example, if you have a podcast about true crime you can promote it before your 2 minutes, but in your 2 minutes you might talk about why people should care about wrongful convictions. Or if you have a small business you might want to talk about the importance of shopping local or buying handmade instead of mass produced. We are totally happy to plug your stuff, but the point of the 2 minute pitch is to squash as much information about the stuff you care about into it, your promotional message can be given pride of place before or after it when listeners will have time to process it.

No matter what you love we want to hear from you


Or message this blog!


Bigfeet, bigfoots? All I know it’s sasquatchy in here

My enduring love of The Last Podcast on the Left is back. They have been doing CHAOS magic for the past few episodes and that is not really my jam. I know that a lot of people love the idea of being able to will the world to change through the power of their minds, but personally I quite prefer to think of myself as a bit of irrelevant flotsam floating about in an indifferent universe. There is something terribly comforting about knowing that my sphere of influence is incredibly finite. That means there is SO much less to stress about and nothing I can do about things out of my control. Enough with the navel gazing, back to upstanding hairy citizens on two feet. The new episode of Last Podcast is about the Bigfoot hunters; an electic pack (surely that is the collective noun in this case) of hunters, campers, anthropologists, weekend crypto zoologists, entrepreneurs and veterinarians who believe, in varying degrees, that bigfoots exist (yes this is the plural, I checked). I didn’t find anything particularly revelationary in the podcast but it tied up some of the loose ends in some of the more famous bigfoot research claims, which was pretty darn interesting.

Check it out here

AuthorGnashes30 wikicommons
Also as usual:

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“I want to peel you like a carrot…” Love Google Translate Style

Listen to it. It’s adorable
Love via google translate is … just well… you’ll see. There are three epidodes of Love me out to date, I’ve only listened to the first one because as I’ve mentioned before it’s hard to find room in my diet of creepy, sinister and silly for cuteness. But the first episode is worth a listen.

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Scraping my brain out of my headphones and trying to shape it into something meaningful

If our personality is constantly shifting and the cells of our body constantly replace themselves… is the only constant the illusion of consistency? Oh my god I’ve got to spend less time listening to podcasts.
But you shouldn’t listen to this brain melting edition of Invisibilia and we can all feel fluid and confused together.

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LORE – Surely I’m getting a little too old for ghost stories


Despite loving gritty and gruesome tales, I am quite easily spooked. My partner seems baffled as to why I put myself through it. Many are the nights that lie awake, on edge after a terrifying podcast. LORE tends not to be one of the ones that freak me out, the factual ambiguity and historical research style of Aaron Mahnke’s narration allows me to maintain some semblance of rationality. Until tonight, when a very silly long forgotten childhood fear came flooding back … and I suddenly remembered being ridiculously, inconsolably terrified of the Gremlin from The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. Just thinking about it now gives me the heebie jeebies.
I think I was about 10, no longer scared of monsters under the bed, vampires at the window and ghosts in the hallway, but frantically scanning the exterior of the car for signs of small, evil, little creatures, trying to sabotage the family vehicle.
… sigh…
No more episodes on gremlins, please and thank you

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Limetown – Creepy Podcast is Creepy

You have to love a podcast that has a character called Lenore who talks like a 1950s fem fatale. But aside from the noir detour in the most recent episode, this is a welcome addition to the horror/scifi/docudrama podcast genre, a la TANIS, the Message and The Black tapes.
And yes there is much that is comparable with The Black Tapes, but aside from the assertive, vulnerable and determined young female detective journalist as the protagonist, it doesn’t mantain its potentially derivative set up. Limetown follows a more Radio drama line of narrative, this is not a criticism, just an observation.
Its certainly worth a listen, and it has enough creepy moments to keep you looking over your shoulder.
I love what  podcasts are doing with the docudrama genre, there is a tremendous scope for creativity within the parameters of the fictional interpretation of the genre, and Limetown is a good example of what can be done using familiar parts to create an original and suspenseful narrative.

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