4 History Podcasts I listen to as soon as they come out!

I listen to a LOT of podcasts. I started with Serial as I think a lot of people did and it was the gateway drug into a full blown podcast problem. Lately, since we released our own podcast really, I’ve been exposed to a world of indie podcasts that I just wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. It’s really easy to get caught in a bit of a feedback loop, and for these podcasts to only reach audiences that largely consist of other indie podcasts struggling to be noticed. Everyone in the community is very supportive but it can be hard to be heard. I’m going to try to write a post once a week to shine a light on some of these wonderful podcasts. This week HISTORY!

Here are some amazing podcasts you should definitely listen to and subscribe to that have a historical flavour:

Cult of Domesticity 

Courtney and Ashley talk about history, true crime and lately, air disasters. And you get a recipe! People don’t ALWAYS die, but they usually do.

Gallus Girls and Wayward Women

Donna and Tim explore the Herstory of the British Isles through tales of some truly badarse women such as Mary Queen of Scotts and Muriel Sparks.


Maxwell takes you on historical adventures tied to artifacts and lost treasures. It’s like a better informed Indiana Jones without pilfering the important artifacts of another culture… actually it’s not like Indiana Jones at all.

Ouija Broads

With an emphasis on the Spokane area Liz and Devon explore some of the truley bizaare cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. 

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