Usidore Rocks and Little Squishing the Treesistance…

In an effort to defeat the book club the most available strategists in Foon have gathered to defeat the Dark Lord… and discuss The Great Gatsby.  Hello From The Magic Tavern has momentary lulls, especially since the imprisonment of the town but since the inception of the book club the podcast has found a new drive and focus.

And Flower (Brook Breit) has to be the most underrated character on the podcast. She is not taking any of your bullshit, I also suspect she may not have read the book. But who can blame her, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic is a bit of a tedious pain in the arse. It falls into the same category of books as Wuthering Heights; vastly overrated books about privileged asshats being horrid to each other in ways I just couldn’t give a shot about. My opinion, obviously. I add that disclaimer despite the fact that my mum is probably the only one reading this (but only if she has caught up with her paperwork). Hi Donna!

Anyway back to the Prison Town of Hogsface in the Land of Foon and the grass roots (Or tree roots) movement against the ruling powers of the Dark Lord who took over at the puzzling conclusion of the last story arc. The book club, which started as code for defeating the Dark Lord, came to the same conclusion that many of us who have found themselves ploughing through the Great Gatsby, Daisy is just the fucking worst and the woman punching is a bit much. 

So this post just petered off a bit huh?

Oh good.

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