Damn Diane. Some thoughts. Some Spoilers.

Right still processing the final episodes of Twin Peaks and crunching all the Twin Peaks podcasts I can get my hands on.

Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when Naido turned into Diane. I love Diane Evans as a potential character and I adore Laura Dern’s depiction of her, but with the tulpa and all the trauma she’s been through I just feel like I never really got to know her. Maybe it can be argued that we got to know Diane through the spaces she leaves in Twin Peaks, but I worry that finding the woman through what is done to her deprives her of her agency, then taking the actions of the tulpa from her reduces her agency even further and I just don’t know what implications that has for the depiction of women in the Return. I so desperately want it to not be as devastating to Twin Peaks’ arguably dubious feminist credentials. I’m going to need to think on this.

If you look at the sex scene from the perspective of them righting the wrong done to Diane by Mr C. it is also problematic because Diane cannot achieve agency as a real entity and not a tulpa without Cooper. The issues that brings up in relation to sexual assault and needing a stand in for the rapist to “fix” the rape are deeply troubling and for a series that I love so much it really pains me to take issue with its portrayal of women and rape. It was always going to be troubling no matter how they did it.

Okay still working through these ideas.

I would love to hear your opinions.

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