Within the Wires Season 2

As Belinda Blinked 3 draws to a suitably ridiculous conclusion and Twin Peaks finishes drawing the cycle it has meticulously constructed over twenty something years I wondered what would fill the void.

Enter Within the Wires Season 2.
Delving into the world of an artist and admirer before, during and after a great social change that swept through the society at large as well as through a more personal and finite domestic environment…

It’s an alternate universe to ours, a society not so divorced from our own as to be improbable. We are led through the Rememberance Wing of the Tate Modern in 1971 by hypnotic and authoritative narrator who questions our perceptions.

Your narrator for this series is Roimata Mangakāhia she takes you through the Tate Modern and an exhibition that showcases her mentors work. These works are treated with a unnerving reverie that will be familiar to those who have been exposed to glowing artistic commentary. The audio guide is defensive of the work and is very invested in the validity and meaning behind the work for reasons that have already begun to unveil themselves in the first episode.

The audio tour is best listened to while totally focused on the words. It’s not background noise. The words paint a stunning mental image of a work you will never see. It’s a beautifully disturbing and disjointed experience that seems to take part in the same universe as the first season.
Discussed works Episode 1

Still Life with Orchid – Claudia Atieno

House with Yellow Door – Claudia Atieno

The Charcoal Dish – Claudia Atieno

Woman in Bath – Claudia Atieno

Self Portrait with Cat – Claudia Atieno

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