Undisclosed – Gary Mitchum Reeves – What the hell is happening?

I love Undisclosed, in it’s role as an advocate and in it’s role as a story telling format. 

Rabia is a ruthless badass who makes all things seem possible, Colin seems to be a walking information and trivia database that by no means is limited to legal matters and Susan, gosh where do I start? Her brain functions in a way that I both admire and am completely baffled by. 

My fangirling over Susan Simpson aside this new case they have been examining over the past few months has been completely engrossing. I’m not sure I completely understand what is going on.
If you thought Undisclosed slowed down after they stopped focussing on the Hae Min Lee case you might want to give it another go. The team haven’t slowed down, not even pausing substantially when Rabia, Oh I don’t know, um…. HAD A WHOLE HUMAN BABY. 

So there is this guy… Gary. He got prosecuted and convicted of shooting his partner Grace. But he doesn’t remember it… and her girls, the key witnesses look like they’ve being lying the whole time.

There are

  • Career Criminals
  • Corrupt officials
  • Druggings
  • Death threats
  • Other murders
  • Confessions
  • Retractions
  • Paid hits
  • Bumbling hitmen

And a potential murder weapon hidden in a coffin.

Oh my god it’s like someone has turned this poor guy’s life into a comedy heist mobster movie. But it’s Undisclosed so no matter how ridiculous things get Susan rises above it and keeps as factual and unemotive as it’s possible to do with the circus being rolled out in front of her. Poor Gary. 

Do it! Let me know what you think!

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Michael says:

    Just now listening to the Reeves episodes. So engrossing! Thought the whole time that this could be a movie!!


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