Damn Diane. Some thoughts. Some Spoilers.

Right still processing the final episodes of Twin Peaks and crunching all the Twin Peaks podcasts I can get my hands on.

Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when Naido turned into Diane. I love Diane Evans as a potential character and I adore Laura Dern’s depiction of her, but with the tulpa and all the trauma she’s been through I just feel like I never really got to know her. Maybe it can be argued that we got to know Diane through the spaces she leaves in Twin Peaks, but I worry that finding the woman through what is done to her deprives her of her agency, then taking the actions of the tulpa from her reduces her agency even further and I just don’t know what implications that has for the depiction of women in the Return. I so desperately want it to not be as devastating to Twin Peaks’ arguably dubious feminist credentials. I’m going to need to think on this.

If you look at the sex scene from the perspective of them righting the wrong done to Diane by Mr C. it is also problematic because Diane cannot achieve agency as a real entity and not a tulpa without Cooper. The issues that brings up in relation to sexual assault and needing a stand in for the rapist to “fix” the rape are deeply troubling and for a series that I love so much it really pains me to take issue with its portrayal of women and rape. It was always going to be troubling no matter how they did it.

Okay still working through these ideas.

I would love to hear your opinions.

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Usidore Rocks and Little Squishing the Treesistance…

In an effort to defeat the book club the most available strategists in Foon have gathered to defeat the Dark Lord… and discuss The Great Gatsby.  Hello From The Magic Tavern has momentary lulls, especially since the imprisonment of the town but since the inception of the book club the podcast has found a new drive and focus.

And Flower (Brook Breit) has to be the most underrated character on the podcast. She is not taking any of your bullshit, I also suspect she may not have read the book. But who can blame her, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic is a bit of a tedious pain in the arse. It falls into the same category of books as Wuthering Heights; vastly overrated books about privileged asshats being horrid to each other in ways I just couldn’t give a shot about. My opinion, obviously. I add that disclaimer despite the fact that my mum is probably the only one reading this (but only if she has caught up with her paperwork). Hi Donna!

Anyway back to the Prison Town of Hogsface in the Land of Foon and the grass roots (Or tree roots) movement against the ruling powers of the Dark Lord who took over at the puzzling conclusion of the last story arc. The book club, which started as code for defeating the Dark Lord, came to the same conclusion that many of us who have found themselves ploughing through the Great Gatsby, Daisy is just the fucking worst and the woman punching is a bit much. 

So this post just petered off a bit huh?

Oh good.

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Undisclosed – Gary Mitchum Reeves – What the hell is happening?

I love Undisclosed, in it’s role as an advocate and in it’s role as a story telling format. 

Rabia is a ruthless badass who makes all things seem possible, Colin seems to be a walking information and trivia database that by no means is limited to legal matters and Susan, gosh where do I start? Her brain functions in a way that I both admire and am completely baffled by. 

My fangirling over Susan Simpson aside this new case they have been examining over the past few months has been completely engrossing. I’m not sure I completely understand what is going on.
If you thought Undisclosed slowed down after they stopped focussing on the Hae Min Lee case you might want to give it another go. The team haven’t slowed down, not even pausing substantially when Rabia, Oh I don’t know, um…. HAD A WHOLE HUMAN BABY. 

So there is this guy… Gary. He got prosecuted and convicted of shooting his partner Grace. But he doesn’t remember it… and her girls, the key witnesses look like they’ve being lying the whole time.

There are

  • Career Criminals
  • Corrupt officials
  • Druggings
  • Death threats
  • Other murders
  • Confessions
  • Retractions
  • Paid hits
  • Bumbling hitmen

And a potential murder weapon hidden in a coffin.

Oh my god it’s like someone has turned this poor guy’s life into a comedy heist mobster movie. But it’s Undisclosed so no matter how ridiculous things get Susan rises above it and keeps as factual and unemotive as it’s possible to do with the circus being rolled out in front of her. Poor Gary. 

Do it! Let me know what you think!

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Within the Wires Season 2

As Belinda Blinked 3 draws to a suitably ridiculous conclusion and Twin Peaks finishes drawing the cycle it has meticulously constructed over twenty something years I wondered what would fill the void.

Enter Within the Wires Season 2.
Delving into the world of an artist and admirer before, during and after a great social change that swept through the society at large as well as through a more personal and finite domestic environment…

It’s an alternate universe to ours, a society not so divorced from our own as to be improbable. We are led through the Rememberance Wing of the Tate Modern in 1971 by hypnotic and authoritative narrator who questions our perceptions.

Your narrator for this series is Roimata Mangakāhia she takes you through the Tate Modern and an exhibition that showcases her mentors work. These works are treated with a unnerving reverie that will be familiar to those who have been exposed to glowing artistic commentary. The audio guide is defensive of the work and is very invested in the validity and meaning behind the work for reasons that have already begun to unveil themselves in the first episode.

The audio tour is best listened to while totally focused on the words. It’s not background noise. The words paint a stunning mental image of a work you will never see. It’s a beautifully disturbing and disjointed experience that seems to take part in the same universe as the first season.
Discussed works Episode 1

Still Life with Orchid – Claudia Atieno

House with Yellow Door – Claudia Atieno

The Charcoal Dish – Claudia Atieno

Woman in Bath – Claudia Atieno

Self Portrait with Cat – Claudia Atieno

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