50% Turtle house achieved

So… the paint heats up the caravan up substantially when the sun hits it…

👏 Slow claps for Morgan👏

Guess once this side is done I will have to rethink…. bah! 

40kg worth of solar panels on the roof are preventing the top from popping

👏Slow claps for Brent👏


Trial and continual error…

But the kids are happy, healthy and psychotic… I guess that’s what matters.

We’re still mooching but hopefully we’ll be on the road again in a couple of days.
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End of Spuly  (get it July crossed with spew… nevermind) OR How to Clean Almond Milk Out of a Carseat

Or Lessons My Parents taught me that I forgotOr Glamping Girl Problem #1 When you spew all over your Cinderella dress

Or Glamping girl Problem #2 When you can’t be like Elsa because you’ve got chunks on your jumper

Or Why frozen spew on your pants is the gift that keeps giving…

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