Bigfeet, bigfoots? All I know it’s sasquatchy in here

My enduring love of The Last Podcast on the Left is back. They have been doing CHAOS magic for the past few episodes and that is not really my jam. I know that a lot of people love the idea of being able to will the world to change through the power of their minds, but personally I quite prefer to think of myself as a bit of irrelevant flotsam floating about in an indifferent universe. There is something terribly comforting about knowing that my sphere of influence is incredibly finite. That means there is SO much less to stress about and nothing I can do about things out of my control. Enough with the navel gazing, back to upstanding hairy citizens on two feet. The new episode of Last Podcast is about the Bigfoot hunters; an electic pack (surely that is the collective noun in this case) of hunters, campers, anthropologists, weekend crypto zoologists, entrepreneurs and veterinarians who believe, in varying degrees, that bigfoots exist (yes this is the plural, I checked). I didn’t find anything particularly revelationary in the podcast but it tied up some of the loose ends in some of the more famous bigfoot research claims, which was pretty darn interesting.

Check it out here

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