Low ceilings, high expectations and some thoughts on people who use filler to cover up screws…

Still slow progess on the bus front. But we’ve begun to make a bit of progess on the air vents.
What we’ve learned recently:
1. This is not a bus but a patchwork quilt of wood, tin, nails, rivets, screws, glue and despair…
2. Filler must have been cheap when it was being constructed
3. That heater vent likes where it is… and it is refusing to go anywhere.
4. The air vent’s connected to the roof… and the back wall…
5. That back wall is made of wood.
6. Crowbars are fun
7. Rubber flooring is not fun

Our enthusiasm is waning a little but we’ll get there. I refuse to be defeated by a 12m hunk of steel, fiber glass and ply.
I think Brent feels the same way… and the kids? Well they just want to hang out on the bus no matter what state it’s  in.
We’re done for the night but tomorrow I’ll be back there blindly poking at filler in the hopes of discovering a screw or a rivet somewhere in there.

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