Aren’t you a little accurate for a stormtrooper? And other spoilers

All the spoilers or none of the spoilers…. depending what you classify as a spoiler… and if you like to read up on a movie before you watch it the I’m hardly likely to spoil anything for you.

First things first…it just me or is Finn’s aim a little to good for a storm trooper?
Also does noone else find it a little chilling that he could turn so violently against people he had known since childhood, however sterile and dehumanising that childhood might have been. I’m not saying that he wasn’t right to leave in any way he could. I just find that the movie is very quick to humanise Finn and yet in the same scene totally dehumanise the rest of the clone army…. I’ll be honest that made be a little squeamish. It is however nice to see a few more areas of gray added to the Star Wars galaxy.
I would also like to talk about Kylo Ren. What the hell man? Creepy arse wannabe vader, creeping all over Rey like a creepy arse creeper. But still strangly attractive like, lets say, at least 75% of the galaxy…. but up until now only maybe 15% of the dark side. Speaking of the darkside the Nuremberg-rally-esque call to arms lead by yet another pasty officer of the First order whose name escapes me was pretty striking if less than subtle.
On another note as a nerd girl who grew up on Return of the Jedi it was nice to see a girl take centerstage in the lightsaber weilding department. 10 year old Morgan was yelling and whooping at the screen during the final battle even if 29 year old Morgan just gave a more subdued, but no less appreciative grin and chuckle. Rey as the scavenger and organic jedi, who doesn’t need no defected stormtrooper to save her will have fulfilled the dreams of many who always felt that Princess Leia was always unjustly remembered for her metallic bikini rather than her general kickarseness, and that Amidalla was always predominently a positioned as a victim, albeit a stately and courageous woman in her own right. Rey is a potential Jedi… who gets to do all the fun stuff that has often illuded her predecessors. She is may not be the first but she has the potential to carry the women in the Star Wars galaxy to new and exciting territory, hopefully in an uncontrived way.
The dark side are taking their job description literally as per usual…
Sucking power from the sun until it is extinguished to blow up planets…
Literal caverns… seriously…. appearing between the sides of the force, just in case you weren’t entirely clear that this is supposed to be a battle between good and evil.
JJ abrams continues the subtle as brick that is on fire, flying through your window, in order to let you know someone is outside tradition of this modern day sci fi fairy tale.
Fans may love it… fans may hate it.
All I can say is I was impressed and I can’t wait for more.

♤♡♢♧ morgan mushroom ♤♡♢♧

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