On a dark an stormy night

It had been raining now for 2 hours… the roads were slick and the ominous clap of thunder every 5 minutes or so made the night seem full of forboding. Suddenly she heard the wail of sirens from just out side her window. She peered out, but nothing was a miss. Not even the slightest flicker of a blue or red light to betray the presence of one or another emergency services. She could still hear the wailing of sirens but she reasoned that they must not be as close as she thought. All was well in her little corner of the world. She contented her self by resolving to make a cup of coffee… but as she passed by the front door the wailing intensified. What hellish accident had happened not too far from her little flat that would cause such a prolonged disturbance? For another hour the sirens continued… fading intermittently then loudly reasserting themselves in the quiet soundscape of suburbia at night. She began to scour news sights, desperately looking for clues of what tragedy was unfolding. In order to reassure herself that her house is secure she checks in on her peacefully sleeping children and goes down stairs to check that the car is locked.
Suddenly out of the darkness the truth of the situation reveals itself…
Her kids have left a fire engine toy out in the rain and has been drenched so thoroughly that it is now emitting a siren on a continuous loop. She kicks the stupid truck and goes to bed.

♤♡♢♧ morgan mushroom ♤♡♢♧

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