Bus update 3 days til we get the bus

You people are amazing! Seriously. Brent and I are overwhelmed by the support and generousity of everyone who has donated to the bus fund.
As of when this post was published we need to thank:
Michelle, Carrie, Tara, Miranda, Jodie, Kat, Pete, Rowan, Leanne and Temeaka for contributing, and a huge thank you to Sam and David for helping us pay off the bus!
We are forever indebted to ALL of you for helping out in anyway you can.
We’ve also managed to secure some affiliates, some of whom are going above and beyond to help. If you are looking to buy games, books, sheet music or giant microbes (yes that is a thing) you might want to check out our affliate page.
Also we tried out our biomass scout stove. More on that in another post.

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