Best birthday presents

As I get older people are giving me the most timeless and beautiful birthday presents. Its only 10am but already I’ve been overwhelmed by the consideration and generousity of people on what is essentially just another day.
Here are some of the highlights in no particular order:
14. Being greeting by an in car supply of cotton blend yarn that almost makes a complete rainbow. Missing orange but still impressive.
13. Amongst the condemnation of the refugees and detainees on Christmas Island finding beautiful jewels of human compassion and a refusal to fall into the trap of condemning those who have been through so much
12. No story and article rejections this morning!
11. People sharing my blog. Almost 200 unique views yesterday!! You guys are amazing!!
10. Facebook wall posts for my birthday…. even if Facebook prompts you, you still took time to post however awkward or abitrary
9. People sheepishly apologizing for asking me to do things on my birthday, even after I insist I don’t mind. And I really don’t.
8. Only three pimples this morning. Sounds silly and vain but considering my current diet I’m impressed.
7. My mother in-laws imminent babysitting of my 3 year old tornado, depite all the stuff she has going on in her own life at the moment.
6. Whatever it is that Brent is not so secretly planning for this afternoon. It involves potatoes… that much I’ve worked out.
5. Birthday messages and phone calls from my family. Even though they know I don’t mind if they don’t. Particularly the phone call from my mother, and potentially involuntary contributions from my father at 8:30 in the morning when I’m sure they had more important things to do and my my nanna who called to either wish me happy birthday or tell the toddler magpies will peck her bum, it’s impossible to tell which!
4. My 8 year old serenading me with a fart noise rendition of happy birthday against the car window when dropping him off to school.
3. My friend’s kid yelling at me for singing “c is for cookie” because its not… it’s for cat.
2. My partner bringing me a coffee first thing in the morning
1. The overwhelming generosity of my friends in donating to the bus fund.

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