Westerado… part 1

Westerado is an Adult Swim game that I nabbed on sale … so I thought I better play it as I’m procrastinating on everything else.

First 15 minutes
Soooo. I chased a buffalo that had escsped from the family farm, rode it back and arrived home to find COMPLETE CARNAGE. I have to I was falling asleep a little during the western style credits but now I’m totally awake. Hmmm… not all that impressed so far but it does seem as though this is a game that has the potential to change very rapidly….

16 minutes in
and you can walk over your mother’s bloodied dead corpse… okay there is something seriously unsettling about that. AND WHY DOES NOBODY HAVE NAMES IN THIS GAME. Gah…. I just got called “nephew” by “uncle”.

First hour
I have died ALL THE TIMES…
may be I should give up and try again tomorrow …
If I remember

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