The beginner’s guide

So rather than get my anthropology essay done I find myself turning on the computer and opening steam instead of Word.
I had a bit of a play of Beginner’s Guide last night but after the Stanley Parable my mind was in tatters and I needed to get some sleep. So far my ritual viewing of Good Game Pocket has given away at least the early stages of the game…
Damn you Nichboy!!
Possible spoilers below
1 hour in
Okay so koder (coda? Coder? Koda?) Seems to be reminiscent of just about every introverted creative person I have ever met…. or at least how an extroverted person might act if they wanted to be perceived as an introverted creative genius.
If no one was supposed to see the games then how did the narrator see them? Why go to developer meets and share your ideas if they aren’t intended for anyone else. Maybe there is some level I’m not appreciating this on, but if I knew Coda I think he would just irritate me. I am, however enjoying the game so far.
1 1/2 hours in
All the feels… Davey needs to back the hell up… Dude he’s just not that into you. And it’s spelled Coda….
Final Thoughts
I certainly didn’t expect to sympathize with Coda so much. But of course the over arching theme in that an interpretation of art only begins with its creator and once you turn the art loose onto the public it ceases to be your vision and starts to say more about the player than its creator. It’s also quite interesting that Davey has cast himself as the villain of the piece.
ANY HOO I enjoyed it, but not as much as I would have if I didn’t enjoy closure so damn much
4 out of 5 stars
Tomorrow I might get around to Bertram Fiddle… or you know… that anthropology essay (due 51 hours and 23 minutes from now)

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