Update: 39ish days until bus time

There are signatures on things… Its all starting to feel pretty real. I moved the first couple of boxes out to Howlong today, paid the last gas bill at the flat and cancelled my spotify subscription… so many things to cancel…
I am dreading the day I have to cancel my Audible subscription, I NEED my audio books.

Swapping and selling all the things
I have found another box of corsets, dresses and shoes. Seriously… this goes on and on.
Anyone who wants a cheap corset hit me up. I am happy to accept $20 each or bus conversion supplies.
I am not joking… if you have
* insulation batts
* large paint brushes
* camping chairs
* mod podge
* polyurethane sealant
* pairs of hinges over 50mm long
* unused sandpaper
* plywood
* a lockable dog door
* car or bus seats with attached seatbelts
… floating about your house and you want:
* Large/medium/small garden pots
* desks
* corsets
* heels
* wardobes
* carbinets
* out door seats
* bookcases
* glassware
Send me a message because we need to sell or swap ALL THE THINGS
Pictures of all the things to come in a later post.
Albury/Wodonga area.


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