Bus intro

We’re going off grid. Its time for us to be the smelly unreliable nomadic hippies you always suspected we were.
The tentative plan:
1. We get the bus in december so we can start stripping chairs out.
2. We will be staying with some super supportive and generous friends and family while we fit out the bus to live in and get solar power and water tanks sorted out.
3. Then we head off. We’ll be staying locally during the week then adventuring on the weekend… but that’s still a long way off.
despite the vagueness of this plan we have been planning and researching this for a long time but the finer details will be tried and tested when we start encountering problems or new solutions.
Understandably our plan has been met with skepticism and criticism. And while we understand that it is both an ambitious plan and definitely not for everybody we are keen to try our best to make our pipe dream a reality.

Reasons we are doing it:
* To consume less
* To give the kids a massive backyard
* To become more self sufficient
* To spend more time with the kids
* to spend more time with friends and family
* To break away from our technology reliance
* To see more, do more and live simply.

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