Morgan can’t Draw Abstract concepts: silence: Visual Arts Research- Introduction to drawing VAR11project 7

silence doctor who drawing ink
silence doctor who drawing ink

Again reverting to my favourite medium I used a felt tip pen for the bulk of this exercise. I did play with charcoal and paint but found that my techniques with were not up to the challenge.
For this work I chose to respond to the word silence. Silence is most evident to me in the dead of night when everyone else is asleep in my house, but as an avid Doctor Who fan, I couldn’t possibly depict “silence” with out the monsters of the order of the Silence. I used an ink wash to create night through the window, and a white crayon to break up the night for the clouds and moon. The Silence themselves were drawn separately and stuck over the top of the inky surface of the interior and exterior background. I chose not to tie them into the background with shadow as I felt that would tether them into reality in a way that I did not want them to.


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